SOMEHOW WE ENDED UP IN THE HOUSE ALONE. I ASKED HER WAS SHE STILL INTERESTED SHE SAID YES BUT SHE WAS VERY NERVOUS AND DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO DO. I TOLD H...R NOT TO EVEN WORRY ABOUT IT SINCE IT WAS HER FIRST TIME I WOULD DO ALL THE WORK. I LEAD HER INTO MY BEDROOM AND SHE JUST TOOK HER CLOTHES OFF WHICH SHE DIDNT REALLY SEEM TO NERVOUS TO ME BUT "O WELL". SHE LAID DOWN ON MY BED I BEGAN TO RUB ON HER PUSSY AND SHE STARTED TO GRIND ON MY HAND AND MOAN SHE WAS REALLY WET CAUSE LIKE I STATED BEFORE SHE. “We had a report that someone with your description had been seen removing some earrings from the Jewellery store. If you don’t mind I would like to do a search of your person, to check that you’re not in possession of them.” Steve said very smoothly and efficiently.“Hang on, I haven’t stolen anything!” Claire protested but it was a little late, as Steve had taken her to the area that had been agreed with his brother earlier. Claire knew who he was immediately and went to bolt back to where. She then led David to a long black table, in which he was ordered to stretch out upon. She then pulled a long roll of saran wrap, in which she started to wrap his legs individually, which she did so flawlessly. After she had finished she wrapped both his legs together up to his upper thighs, still leaving his sexual section uncovered. She then quickly wrapped his chest with saran wrap along with each individual arm. She then proceeded to wrap his arms together, leaving no room to spare. To top. When Monday came, I had told my husband and he was very excited, I had a hot bath, been waxed on the Saturday and was feeling really horny. I dressed in a short denim skirt, 3’Sandal heels, and a cropped top, no underwear, and a anklet on my left ankle. The guys turned up at 8.30, the other two were similar build and age to Stevie, their names Joe and Matt. They all came in all very confident and very arrogant, Stevie kissed me groped my tits and said they would start work, and that he had told.

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