Donna rang me up whilst out with the girls and said she was stopping at Mandy's as it was late and they were all going to share a taxi and have girls ...leep over and finish it off with some more wine.OK.just before i went to bed i rang Mandy's husband Geoff and said to expect all the girls back and to take a sleeping tablet cos we know what they are like when pissed,Geoff said that Mandy was home already and half asleep on the settee pissed. Ohh OK mate she must have changed her mind and be on. She shoved her feet into her ankle boots, not bothering to take time to button them as she dashed for the narrow passage in the shadow of the cliff. ‘Kate!’ she heard Sin yell after her as she slipped through to the tree where she had tethered Sally. Silently, she thought, I’m sorry but I can’t stay… as she pulled herself onto her mare and loosening the reins, leaped over the stone wall boundary and raced towards home. *************** Sin hauled his ass out of the water and looked for the. Note to self: When negotiating with Clara and Sharna, be prepared to surrender more than you get.I was thinking about what Clara had said. In my mind, I sort of agreed that it might be possible for us to have eight women in our Bond Group. As soon as I came to an acceptance of eight Bond Mates, I asked myself, when did I agree to more than two women and why am I thinking of up to eight. Furthermore, why does the thought of 18 necklaces not bother me? The thought of being influenced by Sharna. I went to the restroom, freshened up a bit. My white tee had become a bit wet in the process. When I came back, the TTR showed up. I showed my ticket. It had been 30 minutes since the train started.The TTR left. The seat opposite to me was filled by an old couple and a middle-aged man. Next to me was a young boy. I cursed my stars for not having a beautiful woman sitting nearby!Soon I dined. I was feeling bored. So I went to the top berth and started watching porn and (un)fortunately, I ended.

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