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“The business...”“Will be alright,” she quickly says. “I want you to take the next few days off and I will get everything tidied up. When yo... come back you will have a new assistant that will be completely caught up and ready to take my place.”He nods his understanding and approval, yet he knows it isn’t going to be the same. “How about one last blowjob?” he asks.Judy frowns. “Do you really think that is a good idea?” Reluctantly he shakes his head. “I don’t either. Now, go on and take a couple. Their husbands are at home probably watching porn when they've got two ladies that are better then anything I've seen on the internet.Jessicas into having candle wax dripped on her thighs. Doesn't it leave any marks?Yes, but as I said her husband doesn't fuck her so how's he going to see the marks.She likes the candle wax dripped on her when she's using a vibrator. You should see her orgasms.Nichole likes the vacuum pumps left on her nipples. She uses the vacuum pump for a few minutes on her. It wasnt until JD said his goodbyes that we realized we had missed our last train home. No panic though as we was reasonably sure that JD would put us up for the night.We left when we noticed the time and made our way to his flat, he didn't seemed surprised when he answered the door, just let us in, we explained our situation and he was ok to let us stay the night.Now me I was hoping I would get to watch those two fuck each other, I had visions in my head of what they might do. J put on Pink. Setting this canvas aside, she picked up the other and put it back on the easel, adding the ripped part of the tunic to the drawing.Elizabeth smiled, pleased, telling Taipei it just might turn into a series of drawings, with a yawn she turned off the flood lights, washed her tea cup, set it in the drain board, fixed her coffee pot for the morning and went to bed. She woke up once as a flash of lightning and the booming crack of thunder light up the room, she glanced up, then went back to sleep.

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