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It's not often a man gets to marry his own stepdaughter."I almost blew my drink out my nose at that. After recovering, I was able to reply, "Tim, I ca...'t believe how lucky I am either. Lexi makes me feel alive and loved in a way I didn't think was going to happen again." And then, after looking over my shoulder, continued, "I'm glad Rick didn't hear you say that though. I thought he was going to take my head off when he found out about us." I think he's okay with things now," replied Tim, "By. He winked at me as I approached him his cock evident already bulging in his pants. again he taken my pants down wetting his finger tips with his spit toying with my nipples ( " take my cock out go on" he said ") his belt and zipper undone. I reached my tiny hands inside pulling out his to me huge cock. ( " that's yours to play with he sighed just as I showed yah " ) there was pre-cum oozing from his pee-hole remembering the savory taste I licked it up then his whole shaft I licked and. He left and I grabbed my cigarettes and car keys and headed back into town. I was going to get a cock somewhere and somehow this late night. Being totally naked in a pair of stripper shoes would no doubt help. I hadn’t really thought it out, but I ended up down on campus, driving through the row of bars on high street. I saw a group of 5 guys staggering along and beeped the horn as I pulled to the side of the road. One of them came over as I put the window down and I asked if they needed a. We sat there for a moment, and when I released Todd had a few tears in his eyes. I smiled at him again and walked out. As I went home I started crying again, but at the same time I felt a little relief. I have felt incredibly guilty for over a mouth now. Its been sitting there like a stone wedged in my gut. At least I can finally end this with Todd, and I can confess what Ive done, and move on with my life. At the same time many sad feelings came over me knowing he would probably leave me for.

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