M. as he stepped into the small conference room. “I trust you are all here in the matter listed on the docket as a tax sale concerning...” and he ...ead from the official notice, droning on for several moments. He then issued instructions concerning bid procedures, acceptable payment methods, deeds, satisfaction of liens, and a host of other details.When he finished, he looked at the small group assembled in seats before him. Just as he seemed ready to proceed with the auction, Sheriff Johnson. Or maybe just by the fact that she seemed to be sleeping with everyone but me. Conversely, but simultaneously, I was forced to confront just how Debbie must have felt – knowing that we'd only met in the first place because I'd slept with Carla, the project's initial backer, and then knowing that I'd gone on to sleep with Niusha and Kath. All of whom, with typical feminine logic, she considered to be vastly more intelligent, attractive and generally desirable than her. Which was, of course,. My underpants began to stretch as I looked up at Mom. I saw her so differently now that I knew certain... things about her. I smiled at her and she smiled back, winking. She looked incredible. Mom wore her sexiest dressing gown and robe. It was a sheer black nightgown with spaghetti straps that laced up the front, pulling her tits together loosely and displaying most of her luscious cleavage. Mom's tits were much bigger than Cyndi's but were firm and round with nice nipples. Mom aged so well I. Ann and her husband Mark along with Joyce were the 1st ones to arrive at the house. Ann was the older and was about 5' 5" with jet black hair and was a little chunky with smallish breats. Her sister was only about 5 ft tall and had some pretty big breasts for a body that small. We didnt see them often only about 2 to 3 times a year but we had always got along pretty good.Now, JJ who had arrived probably about 30 minutes after them and she was a completely different story. She was my first.

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