”After a brief pause, Mark asked, “Are there any comments anyone wants to make at this time?”When no one spoke up, Mark said, “Talk to your fa...ilies, we’ll start by rotating personnel in just like on the embassy, but we will eventually be looking for full-time residents.”As the lights came up a bit more in the theatre, everyone started filing out of the theatre and discussing about whether they wanted to move to Atlantis or not.Once everyone was gone, all that was left in the theatre were some. "I have to admit, you are right. That is the picture of you I carry in my mind, constantly. I was resigned to never seeing you again. When Randy came to my office the next day, I realized there was a chance to see you again, even be with you. I do hope this in not going to cause you any difficulties or embarrassment." I'm flattered that you like me Warren. This won't cause any problems with my husband or my job. I don't know what Randy told you about me but I have a very understanding husband.. My men notified me instantly, but I thought it best that the Chief Justice fulfill his obligation under the twenty-fifth amendment, to swear you in, before we get down to business."Mr. President, you deserved to at least be sworn in before the weight of the whole world drops on your shoulders."Justice Roberts dropped off the video-conference now that his constitutional obligations were concluded, and I asked Ken, "We need to make an announcement about Charles. Who have you got that can act as. You don't mind do you?" "No, Sir." I took a wash cloth and soaped it with shower gel and worked up a lather on the cloth and began to wash her back and shoulders, then down her back to her tight, perfect ass. Washing her handful sized buns was exquisite. I reached around her and began to wash her belly and chest being sure to pay special attention to her pert, B-cup tits and then on to her shaved mons. I then washed my chest and upper body and my maleness, then handed her the washcloth and.

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