The heroine of this story is suma(name changed) she is 4 years older than me lives above my home.We used to have general talks and be friendly and use... to roam all over like couples she has very little boobs but with beautiful face and structure other than boobs especially that ass it is the never forgetting thing in life once seen.One fine evening we went to hospital for some checkup and there’s a big queue and my appointment is so long where we got some time and for some time we chitchatted. "What does this mean?" he breathed, his own voice sounding unfamiliar andstrange now.Chris flashed a devilish smile, and poised to respond.Buff. Buff.The door shook, as both boys jumped in fear. Someone tried the handle, asKyle pinned his weight against the door to keep it from opening. "Shit!"he quickly hissed. Panic-stricken Chris moved to the door to hold itfirm."You in there? Kyle?" came a raspy voice from the other side. It wasVicky, Kyle's girlfriend, who had apparently finally noticed. Piotrowski asked."One of these pamphlets has some information about it, but it's housed in the technical training center right behind the high school. How much mystery can there be?" True enough. What do you have to do now?"Scott looked up from the student handbook he was flipping through, "I have to see about testing out of College Algebra. Register for classes. Write a check or two." Can you do the testing in town?" I think so."He ate some more chili. His 'to do' list was quickly filling. "I need you to clamp these vessels while I cut, now clamp them well, I don't want whatever is in them all over the theater."The first cut was made without a problem, followed by a second. As the third major vessel was severed all the monitors alarmed, and the vital signs flew down all the scales."Shit, we're loosing her" screamed Kate,"Not if I can help it," replied Jenna.In the end though no one could help Taylor, the massive shock of the cleaving of the vessels had instantly shut down all the.

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