She wore a pair of white jeans and heels, with a thin yellow spaghetti-strapped top which clung to her slender torso and revealed her mid-riff. Normal...y such an outfit would appear slutty to Chase, but Grace somehow appeared as elegant as she did at the dance. Maybe it was because her hair was still coiled up so enticingly, he thought. ‘I didn’t know girls from Ardsley Park smoked,’ Chase teased, offering out his pack. Grace blushed just a little, ‘Ashlee got me started during our last finals.. The lights went up for half time, as I stood up I fastened the lower of my jacket buttons covering my abdomen but left the top one loose, I felt really sexy and raunchy, Julia stood up looking a bit flushed, we all four trooped out to the bar, as we entered, Tim pulled out a piece of paper and looked at it, then he scanned the room and we went to get our drinks that were waiting on a shelf, we stood near the bar, “so what did you think of the performance” Tim said to me, “it was great, we. It was not long before Debbie was cumming too."Jen baby. that was incredible. I loved you eating my pussy." "Debbie, I kinda like you saying 'eat mommy's pussy'" "Really, then I want you to start calling me mommy while we are having sex. Is that ok with you?" "Yes, it just fine with me. ... mommy" This gave Debbie a special thrill. Debbie reach down to Jen and pulled her up to herself, and they started to kiss. After about 5 or 10 minutes both girls were feels their pussies start to get hot. ?In a week or so? Her new face will match the rest of her re-sculptured body.? Glancing toward Kathy, she adds. ?She’s going to look like she’s her daughter’s daughter? Like you!? Without as much as a smile she adds. ?Really!... A lot like you!? Shaking her head, watching the gurney rolled out the swinging door, Kathy glances toward Craig. ?She’s going to look like that going on sixty?... My God!? ?You should see her husband!? Craig grins. ?He’s older then her? Already had.

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