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They were fortunate to find at least two Cohorts who knew the area, and they were indeed surprised to hear it contained a large group of Rogue Mages. ...heir memories would be used first, and then Jothan would supply his to refine the location.Jollis traveled up the west-side path, intent on speaking with Elder Yurton before he met with Mage Master Verano. He was nearly upon the entrance to the Elder's quarters when he stopped and turned his head. Yet again, the same sensation, though now there. I had the dark-skinned girl firmly in my grasp and I gave it to her hard and fast. I knew at this rate, it would not be long before I was spilling my seeds into her rear door compartment. I lifted my face up to Nancy’s lips and she pushed her puddle of saliva into my mouth licking my tongue with hers like we were giving each other transfusions of spit to grease our lips.My ejaculation was on me before Nancy started down the orgasm path but she caught up to me and we both gave it to the happy. "So, are my tits better than Mom's?"I let her nipple go, and as I crossed to the other, I answered, "They're perfect." Oh yeah," she gasped, and then twined her fingers into my hair. "You're good at that. You're making my little pussy so wet."There was an easy enough way to find that out. After a final suck, I straightened and slid my hands down to her hips. She walked backwards toward the bed when I pushed, and sat down the moment her legs touched it. I had to give my cock a squeeze to quell. My erotic journey began with watching a couple have sex in doggy style. Then, some of the recommended videos on the side were BDSM. I couldn't resist.There was something about being tied up and not knowing the identity of my sex master that pressed my buttons. I couldn't help but slide my hands over my abdomen and rub my pussy when the woman got spanked.I always imagined being the woman who was in chains and a slave to a man who knew how to handle me. Something about the sound of a whip got me.

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