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It had a handle with a number of 18? long strips of leather attached. ?We call this a flogger. It’s a form of the old fashioned cat of nine tails. I... won’t cut the skin but it does hurt.??Now you are going to tell us about yourself and the flogger will encourage you.??Your name???Brenda Smith.??How old are you???Forty.??Height???Five feet 3 inches.??Weight???One hundred five pounds.??Bra size???34C??Waist???26 inches.??Hips???35 inches.??Are you a virgin??She mumbled ?no.?THUD! The flogger. But tonight, as she sat in front of the sparkling tree, he was there with her, and the tears flowed freely. She set her emptied wine glass aside and moved to the floor to push away the presents mounded high for family and friends. Suddenly, she found it-the small, gold-wrapped package tied with a thin, red ribbon. Holding it close to her heart, she sobbed a bit more. Inside was a small pewter dragon coiled to form a nest with its body. It was meant to hold a separate piece: a small tiger cub,. I told her to be quite and then I started to explain to her about Carol. I told Linda she will pick Carol up at the airport and then bring her to the barn. Once she’s in the back seat of the Limo she will find the doors and the windows will not open and the windows are all blacked out. Once inside the barn we will take over from there. You will still be needed, I went on, because as she starts getting covered in sperm I want you sucking it up off her body and then dumping it into her mouth for. ' Leon countered '... Today is later and I think if you want to talk to me and find out what I know you should follow me home! ...' With that he turned and started down one of the side streets. Leon lived in the opposite direction of my home about the same distant from the high school. But I was intrigued as to what secrete he thought he knew since no one had seen me getting abducted. I did not think my three attackers had told anyone about our tryst but I needed to find out what he knew. We.

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