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Favorite restaurant in Paris?" This place in the 10th, Le Gigot Fin. Yummy lamb. You?" OverKenny's shoulder, I saw Lisa roll her eyes and mouth "Yummy..." In the 10th, huh? Interesting neighborhood. You felt safe?" It wasn't so bad. Besides, we went in a group. You haven'tanswered my question." Coin des Gourmets, in the 5th. Vietnamese-Cambodian-Thai." Oooh, I love Thai. If you're interested, I'd love to go getsome with you." Sounds like a plan. Favorite Met? And don't say Ron Darling,because. Once I took his manicured hand and pressed it against a big guy's codpiece. He blushed just like a virgin! "Wow, Paula, how big was it? It makes yours seem pretty insignificant, doesn't it?" I winked at the flustered wimp. "I bet you'd be sporting a tiny hardon if I hadn't strapped you into your little modesty device."After about two hours of this treatment, we left. I hailed a cab and made little Paula mince back home as best he could. I informed him that I would be over to his place. Mai lund ko pant ke upar se pakad kar sone ka naatak kar raha tha.Didi mere paas aakar lund ki or dhyaan se dekhne lagi. Choti bahen ke chaalaki se dheere dheere mera haath lund se hataya. Didi pant ke upar se mera lund ka ubhaar dekh rahi thi. Choti bahen didi ke kaan me boli ki woh pant utaar degi taaki didi ache se lund ka chot dekh sake. Didi pehle gabrahi phir haan keh di. Choti masti se mera pant niche kar di. Mera tantanaya hua lund fan faila kar khada ho gaya. Didi ke hosh ud gaye.Woh. But on the way to my dorm building, I noticed some girls walking both in front of me and behind me. Then just before I got to the dorm, the girls in front of me slowed way down and the girls behind me were right next to me. My books were suddenly taken away, and my arms were grabbed and forced behind my back. Then the girls forcefully escorted me to Elizabeth's sorority. "Don't complain or say anything, or we will make things even worse for you," one of the girls said.Soon I found myself in.

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