Butz?" I..." Now I and all your teachers are in the position of not knowing if we're talking to Tami the student or Miss Sharp the reporter. The tablo...d reporter. If we make a joke, it could wind up on the front page. AND without a chance to explain ourselves."As I said, your facts were correct. You will probably be very happy to know that Charley Parker has been suspended. Now you're dismissed. I'm busy." I..." I said I was busy," he said coldly.I stood. "We better go," I said.Tami looked like. Where had I heard that before?"I can do this," Harmony continued. "Just as long as he doesn't choke me and pee in my mouth."I was released."CADET THISTLE!" Commandant Mackie barked. "AYE-TEN-SHUN!"I leaped from the bed, crashed into the wall, bounced to my feet and faced the general direction of the commandant's voice. My eyes weren't quite open and everything was fuzzy—I was still half asleep.There was some giggling."Cadet," Commandant Mackie said solicitously, "I would be greatly honored if. Ray had been waiting for them to drive off, and then had snuck over to the Gordon's house just like he and Clara had planned it. The Gordon's were some kind of Protestants or something, and had to bring their own bibles to church. LaVerne had forgotten her bible, and they'd all doubled back in order to retrieve it. I guess Ray and Clara weren't being as quiet as they should have been, and didn't hear LaVerne coming through the front door. I was out in our kitchen when all the ruckus started.. I was able to send him a pic of me from my seat on the train with my skirt pushed up around my hips, and my cunt fully exposed. A second after I hit send he messaged back and told me to take a pic of me fingering ,myself. I did as I was told. He messaged back and said "now go find another place to expose your tits and take my picture," I stood up, pulled my skirt down, and walked to the end of the car where a corner was semi private. The other passengers couldn't see unless they walked right.

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