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My tender nipples and well used pussy were the hardest to take. As much as she treated me like some filly that just came back from a hard ride, her ca...e was tender. I felt loved.She left me to air dry. Some of the hands passed by, all of them smiling. I wondered which ones of them had taken me. I arched my back, proud of my handling of them. i had served my Mistress and Master well.When I had dried out, Mistress came and led me back to her room. I serviced her and thanked her for her use. Then. I just laid back and let my legs float to the surface. After a few kisses, Kelsey swam over to me and got between my legs facing Samantha. I wrapped my legs around her waist while she squirmed a bit. That started getting me hard. Then Samantha flashed me! She did it a few more times before I realized that Kelsey's wiggling was actually her pulling her suit down to flash Samantha. Between Kelsey's squirming and Samantha's flashing, I was hard as a rock. After a half dozen or so times pulling her. Then I pulled her to my chest and bit her cheeks and she made a sound.Aaesha: You are a beast in bed, Raj.Raj: Surprisingly you are too (and I winked at her) than I had imagined.Aaesha: Please don’t talk about that!Raj: There is nothing to be ashamed of. You can share it with me, baby. I kind of liked it.Aaesha: Yea I know, you liked fucking me when he was talking to me, like that.And she sucked my upper lip.Raj: Ohh, you’re one to talk for a moment there. I thought you were going to lick your. She sat there in a pair of lacy coral colored panties that did little to hide what lay underneath. I could see the wild tangle of strawberry blonde curls, some of which were escaping from behind the fabric. “If you want any of this, you need to do exactly what I tell you, understand?” “Yes, Barb.” “Good. Now peel them off.” I knelt, grabbed the waistband and pulled slowly, wanting to prolong my agony. As I bared her, the scent of her sex filled the room. I couldn’t believe my luck. Here I.

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