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"Now sit downand shut up, until I am done." Yes, dear," I said with a sad puppy dog look that made me remember why Ifell in love with him."Okay, so wh...t if I told you that your dream of fathering children couldstill be a possibility? You would believe me, right?" Kelly, I told you, I will not do a surrogate, or what ever crazy schemeDr. Himsler has dreamed up," he said."You interrupted me again. Fuck it. I can see you are actually gettingupset, so, here it is. Ronnie, I'm pregnant." You, you. Finally, at age 28, Stephanie reconciled herself to the reality that she'd never really have a man in her life and that she'd never marry or have kids. She'd just have to do what she could to see that her needs were met until possibly something might change in her life situation.One evening, Stephanie came home from work and after fixing herself dinner, she settled down to read a trashy little soft porn novel she'd found at the bookstore. She loved to spend an evening alone with her "little. Main chup chap leti thi aur meri nabhi mein pati ki ungli halke halke se ghum rahi thi.Aur petticoat ko kaafi niche tak khiska ke pure pet pe buddha haath firate hue pati se baat kar raha tha. Pati uski jee huzuri kar raha tha. Meri nabhi ke liye bhi buddha charcha karne laga. Toh pati ne haan mein haan milate hue muskurate hue kaha ki wakayee maine kabhi ungli daali hi nahi.Ye bahut hi soft aur mulayam aur deep bhi hai. Isko secret pendrive chupa ke le jaane mein use kiya jaa sakta hai and. ” (I remember thinking, well, that solves the mystery about whether she’s sleeping with her boyfriend or not.)”And look at those big balls!” “c’mon, Smita,” I said, finally getting embarrassed.”You make me feel like a prize bull at a county fair.””Well, maybe that’s how I see you just now,” she replied.She frowned for a minute as she stared at my dick and then she remembered she was still wearing her heavy cloth. She took it off and gave me a quizzical look.”Turn about’s fair play, don’t you.

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