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Riya came close to me and started smooching me.I had dreamed of it for 5 years, shagged to it for 1000 times but this was happening for real. Riya’s...mouth was in my mouth and my hand slowly on her breasts. I wanted to move to the bedroom but she was not stopping.Shantanu’s hand was inside Priyanka’s salwar and he was crushing her huge breasts. She was making sounds I had never heard before. I was glad and she was enjoying it now.Riya was in her panty and bra. Both were mismatched, old and dirty. I wonder to this day if the saleslady took any notice at the bulge I was trying to conceal, the silk boxers I'd chosen for the occasion were no match for my arousal. Once on she strutted around the dept a bit, looking at them in the mirror. They were lovely although just a little loose fitting on her slender calves. We agreed that we both liked them a lot but decided we should check a few other stores first. So, she removed them, put her oh so sexy shoes back on, and off we went out into the. We exchanged smiles and looks. The days are passing soo boring, We did not get any chance to meet. I had a plan then, as u all know we had a labs for continuous 3 periods,So then half of class went to one lab remain went to one lab. I tell her after exactly half time then came to class by asking permission for bathroom, Both did same thing and came to class room and as I expected nobody there. She entered doubtfully. I hide back side the door and when she entered I hold her from backside and. Aunt Barbara's thighs lined the sides of her sister's neck and rippled with scissoring fury, her big sister's face all but lost inside the grip of her hard ass. But then the tide turned when Aunt Linda got her giant calves into the act again, scissoring her sister's head and neck and grinding it blue before Aunt Barbara bit into the supple meat of one calf and freed herself. And all the while, I sat to the side watching in hypnotic stupor as my leggy aunts had at each other on Thanksgiving.

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