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My travelling companion is Gemma. Gemma is the eighteen year old daughter of Laura. Laura and me have an open relationship based on two conditions. Th... first being that when we shag someone else it’s only to be for sex, the other being we always tell each other. No secrets.Gemma is entertaining herself alternating between playing with her phone, reading a magazine and rolling and smoking spliffs.I’ve got the windows open. I like to get stoned myself but not when I’m driving.Well not since the. " Matt said."Julie, I can't hold it much longer!" he said."Go ahead, cum in my ass, cum deep in my ass!" I yelled.He let go and began pumping loads of cum deep into ass as he slammed his cock in me and held it. He thrust into me."Oh god Matt!" I yelled as I began squirting. My juices all over him again."Oh god!" I yelled again as I jerked against his cock.He continued to pump more cum into me, He forced his weight down on me harder with each jet of cum. Then he humped my ass hard for a minute. "Well some guy is all torn up in the hospital and I'm having drinks with his girlfriend in her living room." I explained my discomfort."Joshua is NOT my boyfriend. He is a good friend, a business partner, but I don't have that kind of relationship with him. I could take YOU to the hospital and introduce you as my boyfriend, and he wouldn't care. He HAS girlfriends. I couldn't have a business partner and be involved like that." Don't think I'm stalking you or anything but..." How could I think. My hole creamy from the lube and action, cock leaking precum as he zooms in for a closeup. I am sure I’m never going to forget this day. Round two: He gives me a few minutes to recover, then he tells me what a slut I am and that he’s increasing the time to 45 seconds, I shake and grunt no but he just laughs and spanks me more and harder. He says he has a surprise for me and pulls my blindfold off to show me an eight inch by three inch dildo with a handle. My eyes go wide, this is the dildo I.

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