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As fathers (and as men), men failed;Their sex, divided into twoCamps, the impaling and impaled,Were either spewed upon or spewed,And 'though their eja...ulate fellCopiously, the errant spermCould but, like demons damned to hell,In anguished death throes writhe and squirm.Deep within the bowels sperm not yetDead may swim, tails thrashing madly,In desperate effort to begetAnother of mankind's species,Just as, when lesbians couple,The vaginas of both loversLubricate, to ease the pullAnd push of. Seeing as Jake put them on YouTube and god knows what other sites.” He let out a sight then continued, “they would be scared, hell half of this team was against letting you on the team because their scared, hell you took care of 3 guys easily, also you survived a toxic accident, and not to mention what happened last night at your house.” I quickly looked up when he said that, but he was only grinning. I couldn’t help but laugh. But at that second he door opened and Ms. Higgins walked in and saw. I lifted and drove out of the alley and turned down the wide boulevard as I rose higher. I dropped down in front of the huge police building and stopped. I got out and went around to pull my prisoner out before releasing the car to return to the rental place.I shouldered Gallow and started for the front doors. In the ornate lobby I turned to the right and a set of doors with gold letters on it. I pushed one open and crossed to the counter as I pulled the black hood off, "I have a wanted. We crash for an hour and soon it's seven thirty, time to dress and go aboard their boat for a quick slurp before dinner.The evening passes quickly with lots of laughter and banter and an excellent sea food dinner, washed down with copious quantities of good wine as the sun sinks below the horizon in a beautiful crimson blaze.After goodnight hugs and kisses, well not the boys of course, we head back to 'Adios' a wee bit merry. A state which usually makes Suzy amorous, and tonight's no.

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