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Because of my wife’s pregnancy she was not able to work properly for that we hired a young girl named pinky for house hold chorus. She was a beautif...l girl of 18 years, very attractive, wheatish complexion, very slim beautiful like a model. She was from a good family and had to accept this job because she didn’t want to live in a village. In our house she got all the modern facilities like fridge, TV, a/c etc. In our day to day interaction she was very friendly with me and was attracted towards. What a freak… He almostdid it again. Im so sorry I didnt protect you earlier. Hold still. Ill break you free… I said in a soft voice. I backed away a bit, readying my aim on the metal chains on her body… SHING, SHING…. SHING! I summoned my flames away as the metal shattered. First the legs and then quickly the arms were freed then after a pause, the waist…. I then gasped as I instinctively caught my girlfriend as she fell. She didnt need it, though, since she did manage to land on her feet, but. He pulled out his thick, veined, uncut cock as it smacked him on his stomach. When erect, it was nearly 9 inches and throbbing. The cock was surrounded by thick pubes. Like me, he was chubby, but we both stacked nice sized cocks. As I whipped my slightly smaller, yet 8 inch cock out, I started to pump my cock and as well did he. I made the first move to switch things up, i put my free hand on his chest, and started to rub his stomach. He paused for a few seconds, but then continued jacking off.. I’m sure he felt how badly I wanted him, needed him. Before I knew it he had two fingers in my hole, pushing them in and pulling them out. His head was between my legs, licking up and down my slit as he fingered me. Then… ‘Ooooooh!!! Pete!! Oh baby that’s it!!’ He had his lips around my clit, sucking and twirling his tongue around it. He removed his fingers and starting rubbing my clit as his dart like tongue pushed into my hole. He picked up speed and it wasn’t too long before I had my first.

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