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"Hello, may I join you?"Jen looked up into the black man's handsome face. He was a large man, towering over her. He was slim, but well built. His seemed to ripple through his expensive suit. "Of course -- at least for a minute. I was about to go. But thank you for the wine." It's my pleasure. It's my belief that a beautiful woman's wine glass should never be empty, and she should never sit alone. My name is Carlos."Jen was flattered by the handsome man's compliment. "Thank you. And I'm. If looks could kill, the poor girl would have been struck down there and then by a bolt of lightning, but she knew the score and laughed it off in good humour.When we got home, a delivery van was already there waiting for us with the fridge and the freezer and all the other electrical goods we'd purchased earlier on in the morning (we'd paid extra for quick delivery, but that was super quick.)We spent the rest of the day putting everything away and went to bed finally around midnight, shattered. What happened next really surprised me. I saw her hand move, so I looked up. Her face was still blocked by the report so I returned my attention to her shorts. She reached up the leg of her shorts with her hand, lifted her buttocks to loosen her panties. She stretched the opening and began scratching her pubic mound. As her hand moved, I could see her cunt lips protruding from her bush. After a couple of seconds, she removed her hand. Then she closed the report and sat up. She said, "Let's get. He did have a point. Who was I, The Outcast, to expect the status quo to make allowances for me?"Excuse me," said a voice.The youth turned round, and it was the man I'd seen earlier behind him. The man smartly drew up his knee and made sharp contact with the youth's tender region. The youth buckled over, then staggered back to his friends to a chorus of their jeers."They'll all come back for me now," I predicted from experience."No they won't. And if they do I'll throw them out. I own the.

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