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We suddenly had a dead silence in there, except for our breathing and the air vent. My pussy seemed to be wetter than a monsoon considering where we, the memories that came with being in there too.Without either of us speaking a word, we both leaned towards each other and kissed again. This time, it did last a lot longer than the last kiss that took place a couple of minutes beforehand. Neither of us let our hands make the trip to one another; we just pleasured each other with our lips for. His body language practically screamed MINE. Luckily, I didn't give a rat's ass what Nat's body was trying to tell me. I didn't believe in poaching, but Sheila didn't act as if there was anything romantic between her and Nat. That made it an open race as far as I was concerned.It had been a very long time since any woman had interested me the way Sheila did. She had a way of cocking her head to the side while staring into a person's eyes that made you feel as if she could see to the bottom of. Once we’re done with it, we could give it to the community for their use.” Jennifer smiled and agreed that it was a good idea. “Maybe we could ask Elizabeth and Helen if they’d look after it for the community,” she said. “That’s a good idea,” I said. “If we did that, perhaps we should ask anyone that uses the tent to pay a small fee so that it isn’t a burden for Elizabeth and Helen.”We continued our discussions and finally decided to have a chat with the elders to get their take on the idea and. Y fuese en ese momento que vi los primeros rasgos de nerviosismo en ella.- no te creo- - te lo juro, es mi primera vez en un club de este tipo-- y por que conmigo ? --y por que no ?- su respuesta me dejó callado por un rato- ahora, si tienes miedo. puedo buscar alguien mas que me acompañe- esa respuesta me dio como un puñetazo en el estomago. mi mente comenzó a correr a mil por hora nuevamente, sabía que era una trampa para presionarme, pero aun así me m olestó, no quería que ella fuese.

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