I knew that before we got married.” “But I want a baby and I know you would like to have a kid; we’ve talked about this before.” “Adoption... Sure, maybe, but I want to feel my baby growing inside me, I want to be pregnant.”“Artificial insemination? Artificial insemination takes forever: checkups, tests, lectures, classes, psych reports, and a ton of money.” “Don’t try to talk me into it, ain’t gonna happen, I don’t want to take a chance of getting some warped or deformed sperm cell from a. I have a 36inch screen television and xbox in there so we told her we going to go kick it in the van. So after awhile of chilling and playing the game i got bored and i'm not sure how but we started to talk about sex. He admitted he's only been with 1 girl and it wasn't that good. I started telling him about some of the girl's i've been with and the things they've done and how good it felt. As i was telling him the stories i noticed a bulge in basketball shorts started to appear and i stop. I've missed your heat, I've missed you, darling. I know you've missed me. Tell me that you have, love." Silence is my answer, and while embracing me, you allow another hand to travel up my legs and my rear. Though you did not expect the surprise of my attire, you swiftly raise the sheets to peek under. "Baby, you look so beautiful. I am sorry I didn't see what you were wearing when you came out of the bathroom." You kiss my lips, but I feel a slight anger rising from myself. A tear leaks at the. I am Carolina Dolman of the Southside Dolmans. We are a vigorous and aggressive breed, but I come bearing peace offerings. Sir Knight, we bear you no ill will, and punishment has been visited on the person who caused you misfortune.”“I accept your offerings of peace, but I must visit my own punishments on the dastardly cad the caused the upset to my person. Perhaps maybe a thrashing with the open-hand delivered to that sorry individual’s posterior. What say you?”“No Sir Knight, anything but.

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