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Look at them staring at you. They all want you babe.”“Jacob! That is ridiculous. They see I am with you.”“I bet your bartending friends tol... them about us. They all want your pussy baby. They all want you. You are the sexiest woman here.”“Jacob! That is crude. I do not want to have sex with any more men. I will think about being with a woman.”“Okay. Here is Kimberly now.”“Hi. Jacob. Is this your wife Anne? I am Kimberly. So nice to make your acquaintance.”“Nice to meet. Alice's fingers started to pump in and out of me. My back was arching with pleasure. I felt this knot of pleasure in the bottom of my stomach start to form. I heard a wet slapping sound as she kept pumping."I coming Alice" Scream my name baby scream"she said I did when I felt my self cum I screamed her name. All I saw was stars. When my vision came back. I saw Alice looking at me."I gone lick you clean baby" she said. Her face went down and then I felt her tongue enter me and she started. Kate headed towards the restroom about 0110, but before she did, she said something outrageously funny that had me face down on the table laughing hysterically. As I was face down on the table, I heard somebody approach, ‘Katie, that wasn’t…,’ I say as I look up, ‘um, you’re not Katie.’ ‘You’re right, but I can be for you, sexy,’ says this amazon of a woman as she looks me in the eyes with some sharp blue eyes, and in a sultry, seductive voice, ‘I’m Sarah, actually.’ This woman is sexy as hell,. Me: it means tum meko ghuur rhi thee.She: ni aisa ni hai.Me: toh fir kesa hai?She: dekho, koi baat hai to boldo mai kisi se ni bolri.Me: umm, bas koi accha lagta hai but kabhi bola ni.She: ohh, kon?Me:tumhari hi baat chalrai hai.She: rehne do, itne saalo me toh kabhi kuch nahi bola tumne.Me:himmat ni hui.She:ohh, ab kese himmat aagaiMe:I know na, nahi bola toh bol ni paunga.She:chalo ohk, abhi jana hai meko, kal milna shaam ko bahar nadi k paas.And then she left, I was so stunned after hearing.

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