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Instead, as she slid her pussy along his rampant manhood, and leaned down to rub her lips across his, she felt the orgasm that had snuck stealthily up...n her raise its head and squeak “Surprise!” The joy of that loosened the words that had simmered in her brain for weeks, and those words boiled over.“I love you!” she whispered into his mouth as her lips claimed his.His thoughts were muddled, but the words “I love you, too!” bounced off the insides of his skull as his balls bunched and his semen. After a few minutes wait Sandy came back with the car and asked where Cassie was."She went to the drugstore when I went into the grocery store. You might have to go and find her" I replied. Sandy laughed and went off towards the drugstore. After a further wait of about 5 minutes, down the street came Sandy and Cassie with Cassie talking the ear off her mom. I knew I was going to get much the same treatment once we got in the car and I wasn't mistaken.Sure enough, holding up one of her. We did night walks together and hung out by the beach together and had many margaritas at the bar together.It was our last night and we were all having fun and too much alcohol, when I noticed Victor was almost passing out. Poor hubby could not even stand up.Alba and Jon convinced me to go back to their room and continue our chat there. He helped me to carry Victor and we went there.Alba served a last round of margaritas and soon I leaned back on their bed. I passed out and later I felt someone. I banged down on my back striking my head on the concrete and hot sparks erupted like a 4th of July fountain across my eyes. My vision doubled and became alarmingly blurred. When it cleared again--too late--I found he had straddled me, fangs bared just inches above my throat. I was going to die. But the dog had other ideas."What do you want," I pleaded in a tiny, terrified voice. My bathrobe was open, leaving me fully exposed. His hot wet prick dragged back and forth across my uncovered.

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