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Once I could breathe normally again I called in to work and said that I had something that didn't agree with me for lunch, and I needed the afternoon ...ff.Then I did some checking at the motel, and found out they meet there every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at 2:00 and they usually left about an hour later. I got that information from the desk clerk for a nice portrait of Ulysses S. Grant. It's always the same room and Karl reserves it when he pays for the room for both days the next week on. I lived here with my mother until she died last year. I'm on my own now.''No girl friend or wife?''Mother was always telling me to find a nice girl and settle down, but with her illness, I always had to spend a lot of time looking after her. When I did once bring back a girl from the car mechanics class, mother was really quite nasty to her ? said that mechanics was a man's job, and suggested that she must be butch. Valerie never came to the class again, and I haven't met anyone else.' He. I feel her suddenly step behind me, wrapping her arms around me, gripping my tits. Her bare body pushing up against mine, our height now even again. Her tits pressing right against my back, my ass pressing into her pussy. I can't help but lean back into it, feeling her push up into it. Slowly one of her hands move down my stomach, finding my pussy. I let out a soft gasp, the softness of her hand is so new to me. The men I've been with haven't been rough, but the feeling is just so different.. Monday the nurse looked at my cock and said, ‘You’re good to go. Try to stay away from sluts.’ She was giggling when I left. My brush with venereal disease caused me to study a lot harder and I didn’t spend much time chasing coeds. Of course there were times at weekend parties when I was sorely tempted by the flash of a thigh or the revealing cleavage of one of these lovelies, but for the most part I avoided them. Occasionally I would get drunk and fall prey to one of them but for the most part.

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