Carlos studied it for a moment to get his bearings than stabbed his finger down. 'Foot patrol heading in, ' Carlos moved his finger across the map 'th...s direction.''Gerry?''Gerry' agreed Carlos 'never misses a thing.'Dexter Opened the cover on his data slate and checked the information on the screen against the map. '8 troop, their motoring. Hopefully not fast enough to miss anything. Okay! Pack up and head out.'The patrol moved back into line and carried on.After four hours, they stopped at. It felt like he was spreading his fingers as he was removing them and the sensation was becoming very intense. He then grabbed what I know to be a speculum. The instrument was very cold at first, I remember this intensely. I watched him spread the device inside me and my embarrassment was causing me to blush again. As the speculum expanded I was starting to feel the pressure, it was tolerable but it was not pleasurable either. I watched as he stared up inside of me and my feeling of. I shudder and go still, opening my glazed eyes and smile at you very sensually. You shake your head at me and with a big hard achy cock you look up to see that your partner is about done with his call. You try to slow down your heartbeat and hope your voice comes out steady as you feel me pulling your chair under the desk farther. You partner gives you his attention and tells you that you look flushed, is the A/C broken? You say that you are okay and he resumes talking to you. You. They have such sexy asses in their tight jeans.I took my clothes off and Bob pulled me close to him and began feeling my tits then he felt my pussy. He had me hot and wet in not time. He told me "Pull my cock out and suck it." I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I was surprised that he was hiding this big thick cock. I was going to love sucking it for him. I started by licking his big hard rod all over. It was hard and smooth and when I licked the tip he spit cum on my tongue. I then.

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