He went down the stairs, feeling a little queasy and he walked into thesitting room where his mother sat reading a book."I'm heading off now Mom," he ...aid."Be careful!" she warned. "Because if you aren't there'll be war!"She handed him some cash with her lips pursed. She always made that facewhen she handed some money over to Charlie. He smiled and said "Thanks!"before turning for the door."Oh and Charlie," called Mary."Try and not to get into trouble with that Sean boy, I don't trust him,"she. “You will finish me off with your mouth and swallow every drop of my cum,” I snarled in to her ear as she undid my zipper and pulled out my throbbing cock. “Fuck yes, Sir!” She panted softly; anticipating milking my thick cock of its sticky, hot liquid from deep in balls and swallowing every delicious drop. Vivian played with my balls as she stroked my long, thick shaft. Her eyes widened when she realized how big and thick I was. “Fuck, you’d split me in two with this, Gil,” She thought and. “I want you to stay there. We can both soak together.”Bob felt his nuts tighten.“I don’t think that would be a good idea,” he said.“Why?” she asked, again, maddeningly.“Didn’t we just talk about this?” he asked, exasperated.“No, you told me what you’d tell your daughter. I’m not your daughter. Didn’t you just say that it was all right for me to experience things before it’s too late?”“I wasn’t talking about getting in a hot tub naked with a man,” he said dryly.“This is supposed to be my last. I starts putting my dick in her Ass as deep as possible. I fill it whole inside her soft Ass. I started penetrating faster wrapping my arms over her stomach. Hitting her as hard as I can. Though it pains to me too. Still my lust is not gonna stop me. She holds my hands which are wrapped on her stomach. I started kissing her shoulder. She moans hard. I moved my one hand over her nipples & started squeezing. She says “Do it more”. She started fingering her pussy. I took my another hand over it &.

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