She rolls me to my side, still pushing herself inside me as she pushes her fingers more into my mouth and trying to go down my throat. I can taste the...lube, sweat, and my own distinct taste on her fingers as my tongue swirls over them. She groans again as I feel her cock twitch once more inside me, filling yet another condom with her warm cum. Slowing down she looks down at me and smiles, removing her cock slowly from my abused hole. She lays back, pulling me on top of her. As I crawl up I. . Aisa lag raha tha ke hum hubby wife h..Phir eve mein hum sb baarat ke liye ready hone lage.. Usne pink color ki saree pehni thi. Kya qayaamat lag rahi thi.. Aur maine white linen shirt n black trouser pehni thi.. Hum ek saat pic khichwaai to mere jitne bhi cousins the bolne lage ki kya jodi h.. Sbko pata chal gaya tha ke mere n Anjali ke bich kch chal rahaa h..Hum sb baarat mein gaye aur dance krne.. Maine aur anajli ne bhi saat mein dance kiya.. Saare cousins humare maje lene lage.. Phir hum. Mami ne unke room se aawaz di kush ekbaar idhar aao toh mai mami k room mai chala gaya aur unhone pucha ki kaun si saree pehnoon toh mai kuch nai bola. Phir unhone pucha ki abhi tak tum gussa ho toh maine kaha nai toh unhone kaha chalo batao kaun si sareee pehnu? toh maine kaha green wali toh unhone kaha thik hai tum bahar wait karo mai ready hoke aati hun 20 min baad mami apne room se livin room mai aayi mai unko dekh k dang reh gaya unhone apni saree nabhi k Bahot niche pehni hui thi aur unki. Tell me, Jake, in your role as boss – have you ever spanked girls before?”He told her something that even Livia didn’t know about. “Well, yes, Livia’s predecessor, a girl named Cynthia, she was tardy a lot. I spanked her by hand a couple of times.”“And why did you feel the need to use your belt on Livia?”Jake felt compelled to be truthful. “You see, when I did that to Cynthia, my own hand got sore too. It was numb, in fact, when I was finished.”Josephine pondered that. “So, you’re quite clever..

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