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“Who gave you a copy of my plan?” I asked.Then he gave me that look I gave him just a few minutes ago.“I'm sorry. Of course not, I wanted a baby...with you because I love you and you love me too. We're both adults and already have somewhere to live. I guess I just really didn't see any point of waiting. I mean you are almost 31 and I'm almost 28. So really why wait?” I asked.“I don't know, but the regret thing goes both ways sis, are you gonna be happy with this once the baby is out and we're. “But I screwed this up. How the fuck could I have let this happen? I’m a fucking idiot!” His anger rising to the top. “Look, you both have some blame in this. I’m sure I can talk some sense into her.” “Do you think you can? Really?” His eyes fixed on her response. She took her boss into her arms and held him. She’d never seen him this way but absolutely expected it from him today. The Eric that she’d known for years was the guy who never took a minute off from work, he’d missed days at a time. “Was it good? Did you cum?”“I did,” Kelly said with a soft laugh. “And honestly, he was… really good. Like, he might be the best I’ve ever had.”“You’re kidding!” The girls fell into a hunched mess of shushes and giggles as Brittany squealed under her breath. “The best?” she added when they settled down. “You’re kidding. That’s… wow. So he’s good good, then, right?”“Crazy good,” Kelly said through a mouthful of ice cream. “He eats pussy like a beast, and - well, I dunno.”“What?! What? Tell me,. They passedon. We clomped by a kiosk selling jewelry and the girl merely glanced ourway then went back to her nails. Two small boys burst out a restaurantdoor, dodged past us and ran the same direction Suzy had gone. A momentlater the parents emerged and set off briskly after their kids, rollingtheir eyes and smiling as they passed."You're lucky. Girls are so much easier," the pretty woman said wearily.Ahead of us, Susan leaned on a handrail and watched the boys sprint pastas if she might take.

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