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Aur apni taraf ka shisha neeche kar diya. Konika ne dekhe bahar ek aadmi sheeshe k anadar jhaank rha he aurUsko nanaga dekh k hus rha he. Konika ki to...jaise hawa he band ho gai. Ambar ne Konika ko aisi haalat me dekha to wo hi hus para aur bola , “daro mat ye mera Waasu he, mera purana wafadar. ” Usne waasu ko cigerrate laane k kaha. Waasu Zhat se Ciggerate le aya. Konika ke Sir ab bhi Ambar ki god me tha. Waasu ne uski chut mumme sab kuch to dekh liya tha. Wo sharam k maare apna muh chupa rahi. As soon we hugged my hard dick was rubbing against her pussy..she moved her hips for like 10 seconds rubbing and pressing her pussy on my hard cock then we gave each other a peck on the lips like it was innocent but it was longer than usual. By this time we already given each other like 8 pecks on the lips and we were still pretending nothing was going on. Its 2:30 am already and my aunt is really drunk and I decided to ask her if she wants blankets to sleep on the couch she says yes but first. I finally found Rogers house at about 9:30. It was in the middle of a huge field, and had some trees here and there. There was a windmill off on the horizon and huge old barn surrounded in old trees. When I pulled up i realized there was nowhere to park because there was like a billion cars parked all over, it looked like there was a concert going on. I pulled off the side of the long driveway and got out of my car. The party was so far away it seemed. Ugh, what a night so far. I got lost,. I was shocked how did I not know this? Bridgette pulled me closer to her and began to caress my small tits again, “I love your body” she said as she plopped her mouth on my nipple, then again I felt her hand on my pussy, she began to finger me again and play with my clit as I did to her, we soon found ourselves both on our knees rubbing each other, her body felt so good, the way she kissed me her big lips, they were like pillows, our teeth never knocked into each other, it felt so good, she.

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