We’ll give that trooper a rest” I smirked; I grabbed my dick and rubbed it against her pussy, teasing her a little.“No, no, I said no. We’ll d... it later, I promise”“I know we will” I said, and with that I give it one almighty push, not into her freshly bashed pussy, but into her untouched and probably unused ass. The cry she made was loud, but somehow that just made it all the sexier, I slapped her ass and snarled at her to keep quiet. I pushed against her again and again, so tight and it felt. I mean, they were comfortable for running. But she wasn’t comfortable. For one thing, she was being chased, actually hunted, and that scared her like a bunny sensing a hunter. The other thing was her new breasts. They were more than twice the size they’d been just a month ago. They were a bulking weighty intrusion and their bouyancy, the slow heavy bounce with each leap she made, gave her a lopsided feeling, as if she might fall over whenever both tits jiggled like heavy jello toward one side. In the bed room I had switched off the lights and was pretending to be asleep. After about an hour my mom walked in my room. Although the lights were off the room was still illuminated by the moonlight falling on the window. My mom walked towards my bed and sat on the edge for a while. She then slowly placed her hand on my back and started to shake me very gently to wake me up. I pretended to woke up rubbing my eyes.“Wake up Rohan and please help me.” She said in a very soft voice. “Oh yes mom. He could see that she was working on something in front of her, and the only thought he had was that she was undoing the sash on her robe. She seemed to hesitate for a moment before slowly moving the robe off her shoulders and letting it slowly slide down to the floor where it formed a puddle around her feet. Her back was flawless, her smooth skin hidden only by the black bands formed by the bra straps and panties. She seemed to freeze at that point, and Robert quickly crossed over to her and.

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