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. . Garretts speech was slurred and faded. Yeah, we know. Lets just dump him and get outta here. Joe was there. Hey, is that girl here? Rachel? She sp...ke again. Probably sound asleep if she hasnt popped her head out after you knocked over that plant. Joe didnt sound amused. I was surprised she remembered my name, even if it was wrong. Not sure why Joe liked to call me Rachel. Guess he couldnt say Kaori. Not really that hard, but I didnt mind. Kind of became our little thing. Lets strip him and. Me: hahaha thanx… Bt wo lucky aap b bn skti hai chaye to..Kavita: really ….Hehehe .,.. Man to mera bht kr raha h jbse read ki apki story tbhi mail kiya apko and wait kr ri thi kb reply aayega..Me: acha… Kafi frank lgti ho.. Bht km girls directly bolti hai… 5-6 day mai ja kr man ki baat btati h wrna..Kavita: nhi etna wait kya krna jb bolna h to saf he bol do… Jitna late kroge utna wait khud ko he krna padega na…Aur m wait nhi krna chatiMe: acha etna jada man kr raha hai….Kavita: man to bht jada. ” Mathew replied. Jamie started to cry. Tears ran down her cheeks from the corner of her eyes. Mathew worried that maybe she had reached her limit. “Sir, I have let you down and I can’t stand the feeling. I want to be yours. I want you to be happy. I want you to love me. I want you to be proud of me.” “My mind is preoccupied with these thoughts of what I want, yet I know that what I want is not important. It matters only what you want.” “Sir, you have been too kind to me. You have let me have. Many people have survived and have done very well living alone, or living with people they don't know. I felt somewhat disappointed, because I did not expect what they told me, something positive, nothing like that. But, I had come up with a plan to leave without them noticing or anything like that. I contacted someone from a page, he is already an old man (He is here next to me watching how I write this story, but he is very happy.) And he gave me the opportunity to live with him in Europe..

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