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We sit next to each other, staring at the water. Every so often, we catch each other’s eyes staring at one another. You move closer to me and re...t your head on my shoulder. I slide my arm around your waist and lean close to your ear. I whisper, “I want to kiss you” in your ear. You laugh briefly and look up at me. “Well, what’s stopping you?” Our lips touch softly, as you lay back on the grass. Slowly, I run my hand up and down your side. Shivers run down your spine and. That was cute and I honestly got more turned on by what I didn't see of her in that outfit than some self-centered runway model trying to act sexy.So the honeymoon, at least the first chapter of it, was interrupted by the Monday morning alarm clock. For me. For Jo, she could sleep in. Her first class was 0900. Jo doesn't sleep in. She's up with me and while I'm dressing, something that doesn't take long, she's in the kitchen banging the parts to the coffee pot."What cereal do you want this. That Sunday wuz a very warm day, an' we had missed our Saturday night bath from being too tired an' not having a way ta heat the water, so we decided ta visit the swimming hole on the back side of our property. We decided ta make a holiday out of it, an' Jane packed a picnic lunch. We took the buckboard so that it would be easier ta take our lunch, clean clothes, an' other such stuff we might need.We got ta the swimming hole in mid-morning, an' it wuz plenty hot by then. I took care of the mule. ‘Are you Amelia Lynnstrom?’ His voice sounded confident, but she knew better. She reached out and offered her hand to him. ‘Yes, you must be Colin, how nice to meet you.’ She was rewarded by a strong grip, and a relieved smile. Colin was going to be a great addition to the farm, and probably a wonderful son. Not only was he strong he was also very sweet. Next came Emily, obviously the outgoing one of the twins. She tugged on Amelia’s full skirts and gazed up at her with eyes wide, and smile.

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