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It stinks of complacency, Clare.”She appreciated the scolding. It mirrored her feelings. Accompanied by meaningful suffering, it was effective.The, whippy cane tapped her bare thighs. Breathing in hard, she released her breath slow. Fire burst into her delicate thighs, searing a deep furrow of furious heat into her soft, sensitive skin. Desperate to scramble from the firing line, she forced her bare feet onto the wooden floor. The second stroke scorched her girlish flesh an inch lower,. " Bill said pushing me towards her. I knelt down at Jills feet. "Are you a virgin I hope?" She whispered as she pulled me on top of her. "Yes" I whsipered back. She smiled real big and gave me a big kiss. Jill then took my cock with and guided it into her sweet pussy. It was wet and tight and my cock slid easily into her. When I was in as far as I could go I paused, enjoying the feel of her. Then I started to slow fuck her trying not to cum to quickly. "I love the way your cock feels inside. ' I come back with, " Yes, its for wiping up S --, you're not a S -- are you?" That usually leaves them spluttering, and they seldom come back for more.I love football, and in fall of my freshman year, I tried to turn out for the team. I was small, but I was fast. Unfortunately, the coach thought I was so small that he didn't even let me practice the first week.By spring, when they measured me at the end of ninth grade, I was still only five feet tall, and I weighed one hundred and twenty-five. I leaned forward and kissed his shaft through the material. I ran my hands up and down his huge, thick thighs, then moved to his waistband and slowly started to pull it down. His pubic area was completely shaved and completely sexy. I kissed the fat mound just above his cock. I inched his underwear downa little further and saw the base of his thick cock. I kissed it and ran my tongue along the thick vein on its shaft. Inching them down, kissing and licking along the way, his cock was folded.

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