He asked me if I was comfortable with him proceeding with the exam without the nurse. Again I consented.I removed my robe as requested and stood befor... him as he sat on a rolling, swiveling stool staring at me navel. As he examined me, he asked my questions about my lifestyle and historical sunscreen usage, which distracted me, despite the obvious self-consciousness of having a handsome young man inches from naked breasts and neatly trimmed pussy. I answered as casually as if fully clothed. He. She suddenly put it in her mouth started sucking it. Almost full size of the cock entered her mouth. I started moaning. I feel my cock hitting her throat. After 15 minutes of continuous blow job, I told her I’m going to cum. She said to cum inside her mouth. I did so and she drank it all.She climbed to me. And started kissing me vigorously. She bitted my lips and we both entered both our tongue inside others mouth. She removed my shirt and hugged me that I came suffocated. I was brushing her. All the boxes were emptied and broken down. Everything seemed to be in order. I went out back to check on everything and to put the Taurus in the garage and shut the door. I backed my T-bird up next to the garage and almost left the key in it. I was going to have to be careful. I reopened the garage and took the keys from all the ignitions and made sure those doors were all locked.As I closed the garage door again I heard a thump, thump coming across the driveway. A huge dog came right up to me. He licks his lips and proceeds to apply sunscreen lotion to my back. He applies it slowly up and down and then left and right. He massages my shoulders and works his way down to my lower back. When he's there he asks if he can take off my panties. With hands like that, how can I say no? Before I can even answer he already has my moist panties on my ankles. He sees how wet they are and he says to me, "I haven't even done anything yet." He lets out a little giggle. He then places his hands on my.

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