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He'll never be able to come back to Lewis A. Clark. If I'mwrong, but I don't think I am, then Blair will be begging for animmediate sex operation so ...hat she'll be able to hang out in theshowers of the Punani Academy where, being a muff eater, she'll want towatch the action. She may even be able to show her face around BybeeLake if her looks change enough. Heck, once that slut Blair has asnatch, even Cody may decide to give her a sympathy fuck, which won'tbe his reaction this afternoon when. "Mark could barely breathe as down went his pants along with his boxersas Kristen ripped his t-shirt over his head."Kick them away and socks too," said Kristen tossing away his t-shirt."Believe me you do not want to test me with that thing pointing at melike it is." That's so gross Kristen," said Erica wanting to gag. "What are wegoing to do about that?" Nothing right now and hand me back the scissors," said Kristenreaching back her hand. "But one false move and I'll make you Miapermanently you. Your husband has to choose between ten thousand years of serving whomever I shall designate, with the provision that they have the right to torture him as much as they wish during that time ... or he could spend the rest of this life serving and possibly being tormented to a lesser extent by a person of my choice.“The only reason that cheating even matters is in the sense of wanting to give his wife, whom I thought was faithful, some payback to even things out. Apparently, that’s not going to. Klein."Hannah chokes out in a whisper and ends with a soft moan. Katherine smile and pulls out the teasing finger and pushes two back in. Hannah moans and pushes back on the fingers until Katherine's knuckles are pressed against her pussy lips. Katherine hums softly."Mmm. Your pussy is already so tight for me, Hannah. Are you sure you want more?"Katherine teases, softly flexing her two fingers inside of Hannah. Hannah gasps and nods her head all too quickly. "Oh yes. Please, Ms. Klein. Put more.

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