You do don’t you honey”. I was stunned. Sitting there with her husband only feet away talking about sex. “Come on man” said Paul “why don’... you admit it. She is so beautiful. Don’t tell me you don’t fancy her”. I hesitated and then said “yes I did, I do, but I didn’t know she was married”. “You mean you don’t want me now?” Wendy said, chipping in. I didn’t know what to say. But Wendy had plenty to say. “I have gotten friendly with the other women in the office” she said “one of them, Tracy,. "Nin, don't you think you should just let your mother and father know weare OK, but might be a bit later now?" I wanted Alex and Areeya toknowwe were OK, the details could wait until later. It was then that Irealised how much I missed them, and how much I wanted to be back withthem. Nin looked up from her phone with a grin. "My mother and fatherunderstand delay and hope we are well. Father says Scarlett should becareful." Scarlett?" Shane looked puzzled."My nickname," I said hurriedly, "no idea. I'll bet they can learn just like Billy."A little later, there was frantic knocking on the bedroom door. When Arlene hurried to open it, a grinning Selina came in with her laptop. Everyone gathered around as she quickly opened it on the bed and activated the video. It started with Billy standing on the commode seat, presumably having teleported there. He quickly turned around, grabbed the outer rim of the seat with his claws and positioned his rear over the opening in the commode. As he froze. However, what I found couldn't have proved me more wrong.I pulled into the layby and found the usual parked up lorrys, but no cars apart from one lone vehicle parked at the far end near the exit. I parked up behind, but the distance was too great to see if there were any occupants, so I decided to sort myself out, writing the night off almost as soon as it had begun.As I stroked myself I suddenly noticed a puff of smoke from the driver's side window, and figuring I had nothing to lose I exited.

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