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" Now this may seem strange to you, but as I said before, we live a very open sex life. Now I have several girlfriends that I see, but making a move o... Angela was very hard, because she was so casual. Other girls send out very clear messages, but Angela only had that little look in her eyes, that was all I had on her.The next time I met Angela was at a birthday party of a friend. Alcohol was flowing, but I only zipped on one beer. I decided to find out how far I could go with her and sat myself. When Tom comes home I’m going to tell him I’ve picked the man, its going to be our friend Brian I’ve always thought Tina his wife was so big headed always bragging her husband would never cheat on her as she gives him the best sex and head ever plus he has such a big pair of balls she says he can keep cumin after he shoots his load, so she thinks she’s better than all of us at blow jobs. Her husband is always trying to get his hand under my dress Unknown to Tom he has touched me up a few times. He had one sister tucked under each arm as they joined the piano player singing various songs. The piano player teased Dave several times about having two girlfriends - it was all light-hearted fun and Dave simply laughed.The waitress hadn't asked for identification so the group was able to share several pitchers of beer. Dave had a mild buzz when they finally walked back to the hotel. He told Alec he would see him and Shauna in the morning; then he strolled on a bee-line into his room with the. "Good evening Mr. McKinney, how are you feeling this evening? I just came to get your tray, the candy striper that normally would have done this is helping a nurse with another patient." As she picked up the now empty tray she commented, "This has to be the cleanest tray I've ever seen. Did you wash it when you finished it Mr. McKinney?"I quickly looked her up and down, only slightly lingering on what appeared to be her medium sized breasts with only one button open on her multicolor hospital.

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