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I was really shaken, this was like throwing fresh meat to a pack of lions! I told him I did not want to do this, that I was scared and worried! This s...ave thing had never gone this far before! John grabbed my face and told me to shut the fuck up. He said this is your last night of sex slavery and if I wanted it to end without Dave finding out I had better do what I was told. I told my master YES and then I heard the doorbell ring. It sounded like a herd of cattle walking upstairs. Penny sat. Believe me." I believe you." He sighed. "I'll need to drive to the hospital tomorrow ... sign some papers and make some arrangements." I'll come with you," Annie replied."You have school." School's off tomorrow -- it's teacher in-service day." Then, you'll need to watch the store." I think the store isn't very important right now," she replied."I think you're right. Let's go back to bed and see if either of us can get any sleep."Hollis drove toward the capital. Annie sat beside him, her arms. It occurred to her that she did not have a good nude photo of herself from before, pity. She might never know for sure. Her bum still hurt if she bumped it but the welts were gone and the colour scheme was merely lurid. Looking at herself like this made her finger creep to her slit and several times over those days she spent a lovely hour playing thought games with images of Frank. Only once did she orgasm but it was a really nice way to spend recovery time. By Tuesday night her thoughts turned. Several times while in the locker room I have noticed Trent with an erection after leaving the showers. I always noticed since his locker was next to mine. And later I would take advantage of his arousal in the shower. But that is a different story. This subsided and everyone got ready for bed. We all borrowed shorts from John or had shorts to wear for bed. John and Jake got into John’s bed making sure everyone knew their sexual preference. Their insecurities were noticed and that they were.

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