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"you seem like you have been waiting for this" i said with a smil. "yes i have i want you inside of all of my holes" she said. i took her shirt off an... she took mine off then she got up and unbucked my pants. she pulled out my hard dick and with both small hands stroked it up and down. she spit on it to get it nice and wet then started to lick the head. up and down she sucked my big dick. i was amazed by how much she was able so get down. soon i stopped her and lifted her up and ripped her. She was about 5 foot 5 and obviously kept herself in trim. She sat astride Lori, and removed her gag, kissing her full on the lips, forcing her tongue into Lori’s mouth. She didn’t know whether Lori had had any lesbian experience, and she didn’t care. Lesbian experience was what she was about to get, like it or not! Lori knew she was expected to respond, and also knew that if she didn’t it would be the worse for her. Lori responded. She met the invading tongue with hers, and sucked it further. One night I was ordered to report to a certain passenger rail car. I was also instructed to come armed, something I generally did not do. Clutching my Navy Colt, which I had never actually fired, I became one of the agents who surrounded president-elect Lincoln as Allan brought him safely past the attempted assassination in Baltimore. Following this, I was one of the agents who followed Allan into his new position as President Lincoln’s personal intelligence chief. When the war broke out. I mean, Mum and I got really close, as close as two people can be”. “You mean….er….”. “Yes, we became lovers. I don’t think she had been with another woman before, but somehow it was just so natural to kiss, and I kissed her one night and it wasn’t a family kiss, at least it might have started that way, but it didn’t end up that way. I’d had various relationships, some with other girls at college when I guess I was just trying things out to find out who and what I was”. “OK,…. Er…yes, OK,.

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