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The way she used her tongue on mine made me feel like my peter would explode through my jeans. She licked the tip of my tongue in such a way that it me feel like she wanted to devour my whole mouth. "Take off my dress," she said to me when I began kissing her neck. I unzipped the back and her dress fell away revealing that she was only wearing her panties. I looked at her small, undeveloped nipples, pink and solid. Her underwear was all white and it hugged her hips tightly. By now, I'm. " She knew you were having sex with your dad?" Yes, I told her the next day, after my first time with my dad. I told her that her time would come when she turned fourteen." And your mom isn't jealous?" Nope, she even teases us girls to do things to our dad." Like what?" Like suck him off while we watch TV, stuff like that." No kidding. You just have sex like that in the open, in front of others ... your mom, your sister?" Yep, wanna see?" she asked as she squeezed my cock."You're not putting me. When I went home my wife acted normal. From next day Suraj went daily to my home. Showed her blue films. He wanted my wife to have sex with my another friend Raju. She got fucked by Raju too. One day I made my mind to catch her red-handed and tell her it’s ok with me. I told both Suraj and Raju about it. One morning they both entered my home. I went behind them without making noise. They caught my wife lifted her and took her to the bedroom . She was laughing. She started licking their dicks.. I was putting my lipstick on when he came up behind me, gave me a hug, and told me how beautiful I was. It’s a joke among my friends how my body ‘soaked up the hormones’ because I can easily pass in public now where as just 3 years ago I would get looks. Anyway, I turned around and kissed him, then I said ‘sorry, I got lipstick on you lol’ he just looked at me, smiled, took my hand and guided me to the bed. My heart started to race, here we go, my first of hopefully many sexual acts with this.

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