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I knew, or at least guessed, that Mom was getting to get up shortly so I put on some more waffles so that they could cook while I wolfed down my break...ast. The food tasted better this morning than it usually did. Normally I wasn’t a breakfast person. A couple of cups of coffee and maybe some dry toast did the trick. Today I finished my plate of waffles and actually wished that I had made myself more. I pushed my empty plate away and put my feet up on the other chair. As I did, my robe fell. The one thing from this world I would call perfect, which I find impressive for… monkies? Is that hate speech, I don’t mean it in any sense of negativity though. Oh, I am probably over thinking things, but coffee technology has evolved so much in the past centuries, and I am quite happy for it. The true dark ages for me where before you could make good coffee in minutes.If I am ever permitted to go home, I bet I would be the toast of the town for showing them this remarkable brew. Assuming they. I felt him Gasp and thrust ... I could feel my thighs getting Wet and Sticky again... My Balls covered in his Seed.. Pressed against his.. His Huge Thighs wrapped around mine ..Crushing me with all his weight... I was Wiped out, Full of CUM... Fucked like I have never been Fucked before.. As he lay on top of me.. Both trying to catch our Breaths.. The Machinist just sitting back and watching us. While he stroked his dick, Smiling and Shaking his head from side to side.. The Machinist then. Uski nipple ko bhi dbane lga.Reena-aaahh urvashi aur mujhe dono ko 20 dino mein full maze do …. Aaahhh …. . Bada …. Tight hai lund yaaar …. Aaaahhh aaahhh ye chut mein bahut mast lgta hai …. Aaaahhh aaah …. Aaanhhh aanhh aanuhh aaaahhh aaauccchhh aauucchh aaahhh aaaahh uuunnn uuunnn hhh aaaannh …. Aaahhh aannhhaa …. Aaah …. Ab to mere boob chuso …. . .Yaar …. AaRaj-aaahhh yaaar …. Chal sidhi ho ja …. Tere boob chusta hun …. Aaahhh ….Wo sidhi hui aur uske boob chusne shuru kr diye.Uski nipple.

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