"Hi, Pam." Hi, yourself. Come on in."Rob sat in his large brown arm chair, a drink in hand, but rose as soon as I walked in. "Want a beer?" he asked o... the way to the kitchen."We're gonna try something different tonight," Pam said at my shoulder. "I want to play strip 'Clue'."I raised an eyebrow but nodded. Rob came back carrying three beers, and opened the closed bedroom door with his elbow. The flip of his head led the way.Pam closed the door and scrambled over the bed to set cross legged on. Grabbing onto my hips, pulling me back as he thrusted forwards into my pussy, he hit up against my inner pussy walls giving me great pleasure and making me scream from pleasure. I soon reached climax again and orgasmed while my lover gave it to me as hard as he could. After I finished orgasmning he pulled out and moved me onto my back again and made his way down between my legs. His tounge touched my pussy and he started muffing me up and down stimulating my clit with his tongue and I started. " I know what it's like I had it last year remember. Once you've had 'flu for real you never mistake a cold for 'flu ever again." I'll stay with her today, I told her that I was Steve's friend, but she's still so out of it I don't think it registered. Could you do me a favour and come back tomorrow. I think she'll feel safer if there's another woman in the house." Yes, of course. I only have one lecture tomorrow and it's over by 10:30, I can be here by 11." Brilliant. You're a star."I kissed. "That was before you teased me, and called me names, and got me in trouble with your mother." He took another step toward the bed."You keep away!" she warned. She bent at the waist and her hands came up like claws."You're not going to be able to sit down for a week," he growled.His next step was a quick one, almost a lurch. He had to keep the step short so as not to actually reach the bed. Her face showed a mixture of fear tinged with something that looked suspiciously like elation. His quick.

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