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I used to come home once in a month for my holidays. Later she got admission in an Engineering college in Chennai and my parents decided that she bett...r stay in hostel. My parents ask me to take her along with me to Chennai and do the needy help to settle her in hostel. I came to my native during my holidays and I forgot to bring my laptop. I was in need of checking my mails and so started to use my home pc after a long time. That night everyone was sleeping and i was in my pc checking my. She had recently broached the topic of being tightly restrained during sex with her current boyfriend Jack. They had been dating for about four months now, so she felt okay about bringing up her more kinky fetishes with him. He had been supportive of her newly revealed likes and dislikes. Only last night, he had surprised her when he handcuffed her wrists together behind her back and spanked her ass lightly, all the time calling her dirty names and eventually play forcing her to suck him off!. " What kind of a stoopid name is 'Gail Force' for a, er, cheval?"He scoffed,"Is it because you believe zis animal to be, er, fast like ze wind?" Not exactly..."Annie curled her lip.And, as if almost on cue, Gail Force lifted her big bushy black tail up, and ripped a thunderous fart out that lasted almost 15 whole seconds!"Sacre bleu!!"The Frenchman cried out in anguish."Oh baise ce cheval puant! Zat fucking reeks!!"He continued to groan in disgust, desperately trying to get loose form his. And she'd told him 'in the strictest confidence'. He listened quietly as she told him about the crowd of people who watched and how amazed she'd been.Elaine suddenly realised she'd been talking about it for ten minutes. "Ugh, listen to me. I'm a motor mouth." I like listening to you."She bit her lip and typed, "Thank you, Sir." Did the bet interfere with your schoolwork?" Um, yeah. A bit." Then it probably wasn't a good idea." No. It was a really stupid idea and I can't believe I decided to be.

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