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I really didn’t know how to answer him so I just smiled. At that point Vic put his hand on my knee. I hadn’t had a man touch my leg, other than m... husband, in over 20 years it made me a little nervous yet very excited. As we talked more he slid his hand up my leg. Vic said that he had been to this club last year so he offered to give us a tour. When we finished these drinks I asked Vic if he was ready. He looked at me and said you tell me if I am ready. I wasn’t sure what he meant by that but. .the older guy next door did you dress like the slut you are for him? well he caught me dressing and told me that he would tell everyone in the neighborhood if id didn't have sex with himMrYance pulls you down over my knees... I told you you had to ask permission before having any sex im sorry sir hands you your cell fone... how long does it take to text. "May I?"MrYance swats your ass hard ohhh feels your hand i dont know how long it takes sir try itMrYance swats your ass hard ummmphh. I... uh... Its just doesn't seem right."He looked proud to finally get a sentence out. Almost as if they'd rehearsed it (who knows, with these two they probably did) they both leaned over, put hands on his chest and kissed him on the cheek. Joey turned red. They each grabbed a hand and walked him over to the couch. They pulled him down between them as they sat down next to Darcy.Darcy looked at Les in amazement. Les spoke to her. "You see? That's how it can be. You've got to do what we said.. As she said this a grin appeared across her face.She didn't have anything in my size so she said she would order them and that hey would be here in a week or so.When they came in she called me to her cupboard and gave the uniform to me.I said i would go and try it on to make sure it fitted to which she replied,"You can do that here.I won't peek".At this i removed my old shirt and tried on the new one.It was a little bit tight but she obviously thought it fit okay as she turned round and.

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