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"Give me some of that," said Adam throatily, leaning forward and licking some of himself off my cheek. He pushed me backward on the floor, licking and...sucking his cum off my face, then kissing me urgently. As he did, he scrabbled at my shirt, lifting it over my head, and then at my belt. In his haste, he fumbled, unable to get it open. Finally, I reached down and undid it myself, while he crouched over my pelvis, muttering, "Hurry. Hurry. I want it. Now." When my belt was off and my jeans open,. ”Barely able to talk, Shuana said, “I can imagine the monkey testifying at the trial. All I did was shit coffee.”In a voice as if he were introducing a new movie, Ed said, “First it was the Scopes Monkey Trial. Coming soon to a courthouse near you is the Biggers Monkey Trial.”At that, Nora lost it totally and ran from the room doubled over with laughter hoping to reach the bathroom before she lost control of her bladder. Marguerite and Shuana soon followed her out the door. Chuckling, Ed said. Leonard tried to reciprocate the hug. “It’s our pleasure.”Once everyone else had left, Ben pulled the undertaker aside. “Sir, these young men, who stood by the casket, need a few minutes to say their goodbyes. Could you give us about five minutes please?”“Yes, Sir.” He checked his watch. “I have to use the facilities, by the time I get back that should be enough time. We can’t wait much longer than that, though, or we’ll have trouble getting to the graveside.”“Thank you, Sir, that should be. She moved next to John asNancy was sucking his cock and placed her tiny handaround his big cock while Gary slid his pants off.Alex looked at me and passionately kissed me, movingher kisses around to my neck she whispered in my ear“This is so hot, we should leave, but I want to seewhat happens.”She then placed her hand on my cock and stroked itthrough my pants. Her free hand took mine and togetherwe slid our hands up her shirt and pulled her bra down.She left my hand there to play.

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