‘Shit, i’m being kidnapped!’ Jo thought as she began struggling. she felt someone try to reposition her on their shoulder and she swung both her...feet with all of her might and was rewarded by a painful sounding “Oomph!” “Hey!” someone yelled farther up. ”Cut it out back there!” “Sorry man!” said the guy who was carrying her. “She’s starting to put up a fight.” “Perfect, that means she’s starting to wake up.”Jo calmed herself in an effort to hear more pieces of the conversation, but all was. The class resumed and I began to pose. Ms. Purdy circulated throughout the room, still wearing her robe. At one point, she stood at the back of the class, behind everyone so they could not see her. She opened her robe, exposing her pussy and breasts to me. My cock immediately expanded to its full length and hardness. A few women gasped. Ms. Purdy tied her robe back up and yelled,"Oh my God." She rushed up to me and threw a towel over my erection. "Ladies, I am sorry this has happened. The. As one they steppedcloser to each other and hem made the first move reaching out with hishand he cupped one of her pert breasts and whilst massaging it heplayfully flicked her nipple with his thumb until it became fullyengorged with blood. She could the pressure growing quicker now. Thetrickle of vaginal secretions were quickly becoming a flood running downher leg. She moaned in excitement and tilted her head back in delight.See the effect his touch was having on her he expertly used the. It seemed to her as if this wasn't the same man that she'd willingly let bed her just a week ago.It almost startled her when he walked toward her, and then around her. He was studying her body so intently that it almost seemed he'd never seen her naked. Behind her, he pulled her arms down behind her back, and from out of nowhere he had a self-adhesive ace bandage that he began wrapping slowly around her arms. He took his time, binding them together...not too tightly, but firmly. She was very.

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