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Strapped as she was she could only see straight ahead but the room was empty save for a small desk and a couple of lightweight chairs. She waited; it cooler here than the back of the van and her nausea had gone. There was a commotion as a group of men entered the room, four were dressed the same as the man who had wheeled her in, the fifth, smaller was in chino’s and an open neck shirt. He was 50? ish, quite stocky but not big like the others, his tight curly hair had grey flecks around the. I sucked on her nipples as she leaned against the shower wall with her legs spread far apart for my probing fingers to pleasure her. I slowly dropped to my knees, and moved my head close to her wet pussy. I turned the warm water off. I wanted to taste her completely. She held my wet hair and guided my tongue into her pussy. Moving my tongue to her clit, then back down again. She pushed her pussy to me firm as we reached a rhythm of my tongue in her pussy. My fingers joined in, moving on her. Geoff then stopped and stood up and pulled me to my feet and Rodger stood up too and stood behind me, Geoff carried on kissing me, Rodger put his hands on my waist and moved his hands in front and unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my shorts, Geoff went down to his knees and so did Rodger and they both pulled down my shorts and I stepped out of them, they both kissed my legs while they were down there, Geoff kissed my bel end and said "I'm not gona suck you off, that's your job" he said, "you're. “Well, you know, there’s no precise definition. It’s when there’s a, you know, conflict, and you disregard it. And buying the exact same stock as your customer, and on the exact same day: I’d call that a conflict. Wouldn’t you?”Geeta smiled. “Suppose I’d sold a stock on the same day as I’d bought it for my customer. Would that be a conflict?” The investigator’s brow furrowed as he considered the question.“Well, maybe, maybe not. It depends.”“On what?” said Geeta, her tone that of an ingenue.

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