”Stephany was obviously searching for what to say and seeing she wanted something as we looked at each other I said, “I can give you a ride home i... you want.”After a slight pause, Stephany gave me one of her seductive smiles and said, “Let me go with you.”Smiling and looking around I said, “Okay, come on,” thinking she was just joking around. However, as we looked at each other for a moment, I could see she was definitely contemplating it, and then not thinking, I again blurted out, “Come on,. Right as he finished, he felt two arms grab him around his arm and neck while the orc in front of him lunged at him. Before he knew it, he was bent over a fallen tree with his hands tied behind his back and his feet tied to the stump. The orcs stripped him naked and started touching him. Taryn commanded them to stop and threatened to bring the army here if they did not obey, but was silenced when the orc in front of him slapped his face. He lowered his pants and pulled out his semi hard dick.. I couldn’t seem to move her off being on the top, so I took the opportunity to get a feel of her arse. It was surprisingly small. She must have done some working out to get it that hard, but she just fucked me and fucked me, like a machine. My cock was starting to hurt a bit. Debbie then screamed out incredibly loud, for a second, I thought I had made her cum, but it was Julia, who was at the back and insert her middle finger up her arse. She fucked me hard then did scream as she cum and. We came home that night was our bus to kerala it was season it was rush some how we convinced conductor it was semi sleeper 2 seats row my mom dad and my sis adjusted in a seat she pulled me to other seat that’s what really happened she settled and we talked lot yo know tamilnadu bus always off the light she asked about gal friends I boldly said ya I had we brooked…She said aiyo pavam ava pona pogatum da kanna don’t wry like tat she just hold my arm and said its cold da and slept on my shoulder.

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