She looked at the floor and then sideways at Sally’s legs. She liked the position. She was sure she would masturbate several times tonight playing her spanking in her mind, although probably lying on her tummy she reckoned wryly. Elizabeth didn’t even register that Mrs Denver had stopped rubbing her bottom. In fact she only recognised the fact when the Headmistress’s open palm landed firmly on her bare bottom cheek. That woke Elizabeth up all right. The second spank landed soon afterwards,. "She looked confused, "I don't have money. How would we pay for the stitches?" If you will have stitches I will pay for them. Why did you climb the fence?" There are weird people under that overpass every day when I ride by. I took a chance that being on the freeway side of the fence was safer. Why would you pay? Is this some kind of ruse?" Yes. You are injured and you need care, but I don't know where 'care' is." If you take exit 362A, it is about five miles on the right." What happened on the. ”“So that’s why she looked so uncomfortable? I assumed she was still in the same mood that kept her from coming to the party Saturday.” I paused and shrugged. “Maybe she was, for all I know.”“She’s a bitch,” Emma said dismissively. “If I WERE interested in picking up someone, she’d be low on the list. I think we should talk about this little idea you have about looking outside the Sorority though. What’s that all about?”I shrugged. “I dunno. I’m not gonna be able to make love to you like you. Our conversations did eventually become more rewarding. I suspect she made statements designed to shock me, perhaps to make me uncomfortable and discourage me from pushing our relationship constantly into ever more intimate areas. However her frank opinions merely made me more voracious; I could not help steering the topics of conversation in those directions and I could not help touching her whenever I found some excuse. She was very aware of how I constantly stared at her. Eventually she.

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