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Ali finally had the whole of her purple toy hidden Ahani’s ass when her face seemed to break from its trance like state of staring down at what she doing. “Fuck me, Bryan. Fuck me as I fuck this Egyptian slut!”Ahani was in her own little world, Her hands had fistfuls of the bedding and she had switched to a foreign language so I was not certain if she was praising the pleasure or cursing the pain, but the way I saw it, she was in a different dimension and was not going to miss my fingers. Ghost ran and ducked before the grenade exploded which opened the door for him and his troopers, he quickly got on his knees, put to bear his FN-P90 5.56mm submachine gun and started to fire inside the bunker. Quickly he was joined by other troopers and cautiously walked towards the opening. An RPG grenade lurched out of the door exploding in front of five Rim-Cat troopers. The explosion ripped the men apart killing the mercenary troops. Kai tossed two fragmentation grenades inside the bunker. “Abuela I think I’m going to cum,” I said in surprise. Abuela squeezed a third finger into my asshole as I started to convulse. My body was overwhelmed with the sensations. My clit still tingling from all of my orgasms from Tina. My cunt hole still tender from Daddy’s cock. Now my pucker was stretched and burning around Abuela’s thrusting fingers. She placed her had on my lower back to keep me still as she finger fucked my bottom, whispering encouraging words into my ear. “You’re so beautiful. I'd read a little bit about that stuff in my classes at school and sometimes it could be overwhelming to think that my Mistress was part of a family that had helped revitalize the South and turn our country into one of the most prosperous nations in the world. It made me more than a little proud, as you can imagine.Unlike the Owner's Club, which was set on a plantation near the river, the Sable Society occupied the top floors of a fifty story high rise in downtown Memphis, a modern metropolis.

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